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Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Year: 1893

Language: Bengali

Gitavali is one of the best known works by Bhaktivinoda Thakura. This book is all about kirtanas and glorifying the Lord. Except for a few songs, the mood of the entire book is joyful and ecstatic in singing kirtanas. The first chapter is the morning kirtanas. The next chapter sings aratis, or ceremonies of worship of Deities. The aratis worshipped are Gaura Gadadhara, Lord Caitanya, Radha Krsna, and Lord Krsna before enjoying bhoga. After enjoying bhoga, the six prayers of glorifying the leftovers of the Lordís meal, known as prasada, are found. They are known as the Prasada Sevaya. Then, there are two sets of kirtanas that are meant to be heard loudly on the streets of towns and villages. The first is for Lord Caitanya and the next is for Lord Krsna. The Gitavali then goes into a slightly more philosophical approach with Sreyo Nirnaya and Parisista. Then three astakams (set of eight songs) are there to glorify the holy name and Srimati Radharani. The last astaka serves as a purport to the eight verses spoken by Lord Caitanya known as the Siksastaka.


SECTION ONE: Arunodaya Kirtana

Arunodaya Kirtana Song 1

Arunodaya Kirtana Song 2


SECTION TWO: Arati Kirtana

Arati Kirtana Song 1

Arati Kirtana Song 2

Arati Kirtana Song 3

Arati Kirtana Song 4


SECTION THREE: Prasada Sevaya

Prasada Sevaya Song 1

Prasada Sevaya Song 2

Prasada Sevaya Song 3

Prasada Sevaya Song 4

Prasada Sevaya Song 5

Prasada Sevaya Song 6


SECTION FOUR: Sri Nagara Kirtana

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 1

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 2

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 3

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 4

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 5

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 6

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 7

Sri Nagara Kirtana Song 8


SECTION FIVE: Sriman Mahaprabhur Sata Nama

Sriman Mahaprabhur Sata Nama Song 1

Sriman Mahaprabhur Sata Nama Song 2

Sriman Mahaprabhur Sata Nama Song 3

Sriman Mahaprabhur Sata Nama Song 4


SECTION SIX: Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nam

Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nama Song 1

Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nama Song 2

Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nama Song 3

Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nama Song 4

Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nama Song 5

Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nama Song 6


SECTION SEVEN: Sri Nama Kirtana

Sri Nama Kirtana Song 1

Sri Nama Kirtana Song 2

Sri Nama Kirtana Song 3

Sri Nama Kirtana Song 4

Sri Nama Kirtana Song 5


SECTION EIGHT: Sreyo Nirnaya

Sreyo Nirnaya Song 1

Sreyo Nirnaya Song 2

Sreyo Nirnaya Song 3

Sreyo Nirnaya Song 4

Sreyo Nirnaya Song 5


SECTION NINE: Bhajana Gita

Bhajana Gita Song 1

Bhajana Gita Song 2


SECTION TEN: Prema Dhvani

Prema Dhvani



Sri Namastaka Song 1

Sri Namastaka Song 2

Sri Namastaka Song 3

Sri Namastaka Song 4

Sri Namastaka Song 5

Sri Namastaka Song 6

Sri Namastaka Song 7

Sri Namastaka Song 8


SECTION TWELVE: Sri Radhikastaka

Sri Radhikastaka Song 1

Sri Radhikastaka Song 2

Sri Radhikastaka Song 3

Sri Radhikastaka Song 4

Sri Radhikastaka Song 5

Sri Radhikastaka Song 6

Sri Radhikastaka Song 7

Sri Radhikastaka Song 8



Parisista Song 1



Sri Siksastaka Song 1

Sri Siksastaka Song 2

Sri Siksastaka Song 3

Sri Siksastaka Song 4

Sri Siksastaka Song 5

Sri Siksastaka Song 6

Sri Siksastaka Song 7 Part 1

Sri Siksastaka Song 7 Part 2

Sri Siksastaka Song 7 Part 3

Sri Siksastaka Song 8 Part 1

Sri Siksastaka Song 8 Part 2


SECTION FIFTEEN: Concluding Prema Dhvani

Concluding Prema Dhvani


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