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Song Lyrics: Vibhavari Sesa Aloka Pravesa

Purport Author: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


This is a song sung by Bhaktivinoda Thakur. He's asking everyone to rise early in the morning. Vibhavari sesa; the night is over. Aloka pravesa, the glimpses of sunlight are there. Now, you get up! Nidra chadi utha jiva; dont sleep any more. That is the way of Vedic life. One should not sleep after sunrise. You must rise before sunrise. That is healthy life also. So, just instantly after rising from the bed, one should chant the holy name of the Lord. Here, it is suggested, bolo hari hari, now you chant Hare Krsna mantra. Mukunda murari means Krsna, the enemy of the demon of the name Mura. Rama is another name celebrated, Rama Krsna. Hayagriva is another incarnation of Krsna. Similarly Nrsimha, Narahari, half-lion, half-man, Nrshimadeva, Vamana... incarnation. Sri Madhusudhana. There was a demon Madhu, and Kaitaba. They came to swallow up Brahma after his creation, so they were killed. Therefore Krsna's... another name is Madhusudana. Madhusudana name is found in Bhagavad-gita in various places. Madhusudana means the enemy of Madhu. Krsna is both friend and enemy. He is actually friend of everyone, but He becomes enemy-like for one who treats Krsna as enemy. He is nobody's enemy, but if anyone wants to see Him as enemy, He appears like enemy. That is absolute. The demons, they want to see Krsna as enemy, so accepting the desire of the demons, He appears before him as enemy, kills him and gives him liberation. That is the absolute pastime of Krsna, Madhusudana.


Vrajendra nandana syama. Actually God has no name, but His names are selected according to His pastimes. Just like this Madhusudana name is given to Him, because He killed the Madhu demon. Similarly, He is known as Vrajendra nandana, the son of Vraja, Vrindanana, because He appeared as the son of Yasoda and Nanda Maharaja, Vrajendra nandana. Syama, His bodily hue is blackish, therefore He is called Syamasundara. Putana ghatana, kaitaba satana, jaya dasarathi rama. So because He killed the demon Putana, His name is Putana ghatana. Ghatana means killer. Kaitaba satana, and He is chastiser of all kinds of dangers. Jaya dasarathi rama. In connection of His killing Ravana, He is glorified, jaya dasarathi. Dasarathi means His fathers name was Dasaratha, so He is Dasarathi Rama, jaya dasarathi rama.


Yasoda dulala govinda gopala. Yasoda dulala means pet son of Mother Yasoda. Govinda gopala, and He is cowherd boy. Govinda, giving pleasure to the cows. Vrindavana purandara. The chief of the Vrindavana land. He is the center of attraction for everyone in Vrindavana.


Ravanatakora, gopi priya jana. He is very favorable to the gopis. Gopi priya. Radhika ramana, and He always enjoys the company of Radharani, therefore His name is Radhika ramana. Bhuvana sundara boro. So He attracted so many gopis, that means He is attractive to the whole universe. Nobody is more attractive than Krsna within this universe, or within anywhere. Therefore He is called bhuvana sundara boro. Boro means the chief.


Ravanatakora, makhana taskora, gopi jana vastra hari. As Rama, when He appeared as Lord Ramacandra, He killed Ravana, ravanatakora. Makhana taskora, and in Vrindavana, He is known as the butter thief. In His childhood pastime, He used to steal butter from the pots of the gopis. That was His pleasure pastime, therefore He is called Makhana taskora. Makhan chor. Gopi jana vastra hari. And He also stolen the garments of the gopis while they were taking bath. This is very confidential. Actually the gopis wanted Krsna. They prayed to Katyayani devi, goddess Katyayani, Mother Katyayani, because He was attractive to all the girls of His age, so they wanted Krsna as husband. So superficially Krsna was of the same age, how He could be husband for all these gopis? That is superficial, but He accepted, because the gopis wanted to become wives of Krsna, therefore Krsna accepted that proposal. In order to show them the mercy, He stolen the garments, because a husband can take away the covering of wive's bodily garments. Nobody can touch it. So that is the purpose. But people do not know, therefore Krsna lila has to be heard from realized souls, or this portion should be avoided. Otherwise we shall misunderstand that Krsna took away the garments, and He was very much fond, (woman-hunter) like that! Not that He is Supreme Lord, He fulfills the desire of every devotee. So Krsna had no business to see the gopis naked, but because they wanted to become wife, so He fulfilled their desire. Token, yes, I am your husband... I am taking your garment, now you take your garments and go home. Therefore He is known as gopi jana vastra hari.


Vrajendra rakhalo gopa vrinda palo, citta hari vamsi dhari. Vrajendra rakhalo, the cowherd boys in Vrindavana. Gopa vrinda palo. His only object was how to satisfy the cowherds men, including His father, and uncle, they were all keeping cows, to please them. So He is gopa vrnda palo, citta hari vamsi dhari, and when He was playing the flute, it was taking the heart of everyone, citta hari. He was taking away the heart of everyone. Yogindra vandana. In spite of Krsna's playing as a small cowherd boy in Vrindavana, just like a village boy, making jokes with His friends, but still He is yogindra vandana. Yogindra means the greatest yogi, mystics. They are jnana avasthita tat gatena manas vasanti jnana yogina. Yogina, the meditation. whom they are trying to find out? This Krsna, they are trying to find out Krsna, but they do not know that they are trying to find out Krsna, they are thinking something else. So unless they come to the point of concentrating their mind on Krsna, their yogic principle or mystic power is baffled. Yoginam api sarvesam, mad gatenantar, a yogi, a first class yogi must keep always Krsna within his heart. That is the perfection of yoga, therefore He is called yogindra vandana, sri nandanandana, vraja jana bhaya hari. Although He is worshiped by the great mystics, still He lives in Vrindavana as son of Nanda Maharaja, and the residents of Vrindavana, they feel safe and sound under the protection of Krsna.


Navina nirada rupa manohara, mohana vamsi vihari. Navina nirada means cloud. His complexion is just like new cloud. New cloud, blackish. Still, He is so beautiful. Generally black is not considered very beautiful within this material world, but because His body is transcendental, even He is blackish, He is the universally attractive, rupa manohara, mohana vamsi vihari. Simply when He stands with His flute, even though He is blackish, He becomes so attractive to everyone. Yasoda nandana kamsa nisudana. He is very much celebrated as the son of Mother Yasoda. He is the killer of Kamsa, and nikunja rasa vilasi. He used to dance rasa dance in the nikunja.


Kadama kanana ras parayana. There are many kadamba trees. Kadamba is a kind of flower that is especially grown in Vrindavana, very fragrant and beautiful, solid flower, round. So kadamba kanana, He used to enjoy His rasa dance underneath the tree of this kadamba. Ananda vardhana prema niketana, phula sara yojaka kama. So He was exciting the lusty desires of the gopis, and increasing their transcendental bliss. Ananda vardhana, prema niketana, because He is the reservoir of all pleasure. The gopis used to come to enjoy, because He is the reservoir of all pleasure. Just like we go to fetch water from a lake where there is water, similarly if we want actually blissful life, then we shall draw it from the reservoir of all pleasure, Krsna. Ananda vardhana, this pleasure will increase. In the material pleasure, it will decrease. You cannot enjoy for a long time. It will decrease. But spiritual pleasure, if you want, draw it from the reservoir of all pleasure, Krsna, then it will increase. Your pleasure potency will increase, and you will get more and more pleasure. As you increase your pleasure potency, or desire, the supply is also... there is no limit. Phula sara yojaka kama. He is the transcendental Cupid. Cupid, with his bows and arrows increases the lusty desires of the material world. Similarly in the spiritual world, He is the supreme Cupid. He was increasing the lusty desires of the gopis. They used to come there, and both of them, there was no decrease. They were increasing their desire, and Krsna was supplying them, without any material concept of life. They were simply dancing, that is all. Gopangana nagana citta vinodana, samasta guna gana dhama. He is especially attractive for the gopangana. Gopangana means the dancers of Vrajadhama. Gopangana nagana citta vinodana... they were simply absorbed in Krsna thought. They so much became attached to Krsna, they could not give up His existence of His form within the heart for a moment. Citta vinodhana. He captured the heart of the gopis. Samasta guna gana dhama. He is the reservoir of all transcendental qualities.


Yamuna jivana keli parayana, manasa candra cakora. Manasa candra cakora. There is a bird which is known as cakora. He looks toward the moonshine. Similarly, He was the moon amongst the gopis, and they were simply looking after Him, and He was the life of the river Yamuna, because He used to enjoy jumping over the river of Yamuna. Nama suddha rasa gao. Nama suddha rasa. So Bhaktivinoda Thakura is requesting everyone: Now you chant all these different names of the Lord, and save me. Nama rakho vacana mana mora. My dear mind, please keep my word. Dont refuse. Go on chanting all these holy names of Krsna. Thats all.


UPDATED: April 1, 2009