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Stavamrta Lahari

Author: Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura

Year: cerca 1670

Language: Sanskrit

The Stavamrta Lahari, or the “Waves of Hymns of Nectar” is a well known book by Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura. This work contains many “astakam” or “collection of eight prayers” worshipping different forms of Lord Krsna and Lord Caitanya. Few writings such as the Gurudevastakam and Vrndadevyastakam are well known to the Vaisnava community. There are twenty songs in the original Stavamrta Lahari, as shown below. There are five additional songs which have been included later, such as the Nikunja Keli Virudavali and the Rupa Cintamani prayers. Those have been included separately.


Song 1 (Gurudevastakam)

Song 2 (Narottamastakam)

Song 3 (Lokanatha Prabhu Varastakam)

Song 4 (Sacinandana Vijayastakam)

Song 5 (Mahaprabhorastakam)

Song 6 (Svapna Vilasamrtastaka)

Song 7 (Sriman Mahaprabhor Asta Kaliya Smarana Mangala Stotram)

Song 8 (Gopaladevastakam)

Song 9 (Madana Gopaladevastakam)

Song 10 (Govindadevastakam)

Song 11 (Gopinathadevastakam)

Song 12 (Gokulananda Govindadevastakam)

Song 13 (Svayam Bhagavattastakam)

Song 14 (Jagan Mohanastakam)

Song 15 (Anuraga Valli)

Song 16 (Vrnda Devyastakam)

Song 17 (Nandisvarastakam)

Song 18 (Vrndavastakam)

Song 19 (Govardhanastakam)

Song 20 (Krsna Kundastakam)


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