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Words Starting with E


Eka (एक) – 1) “one” in Hindi 2) one of the seven original tālams in Carantic music


Ekacakra (एकचक्र) – the birthplace of Lord Nityānanda, also the same place where Kuntī and the Pāṇḍavas stayed during the first forest exile


Ekādaśī (एकादश) – the eleventh day of each half-month; sacred day of fasting to engage in more service to the Lord


ekatāra (एकतार) – 1) one stringed instrument drone 2) (gopiyantra) a one stringed rhythmic instrument pierced through skin bound by bamboo reeds to allow pitch fluctuation


Ekalavya (एकलव्य) – the low-caste boy who tried to learn archery through making a model of Droṇa


ektāl (एकताल) – a common classical twelve matra cycle


esrāja (एसराज) – (esraj) a bowed stringed instrument that is a hybrid-sitar-saringda with nearly nineteen strings total


UPDATED: June 11, 2009