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Words Starting with L


laggi (लग्गि) – (luggi) a cyclic form based on the use of successive heavy or open bols


laghu (लघ) – the ańgam in South Indian music with variable length depending on the jātī of the tālam


lākṣa (लाक्ष) – (lakh) 100,000 in number


lākṣā-gṛha (लाक्ष गृह) – “burning of the house made of wax”; event in the Mahābhārata when the Kauravas built a house made of wax for the ṇḍavas, in order to kill them in their sleep by burning the house on fire.


Lakṣmaṇa (लक्ष्मण) – 1) Lord Rāma’s younger brother, third oldest son of Daśaratha, son of Sumitrā, incarnation of Sańkarṣana 2) son of Duryodhana in the Mahābhārata killed by Abhimaṇyu


Lakṣmī (लक्ष्म) –1) the eternal consort of Lord Viṣu; goddess of fortune 2) an ancient eighteen beat rhythmic cycle


Lańkā (लङ्क) – (present day; Srī Lańkā) the nation in an island south of India where Rāvaṇa ruled


Lańkā Kāṇḍa (लङ्क काण्ड) – see Yuddha Kāṇḍa


Lańkeśa (लङ्केश) – “lord of Lańkā” name for


Lańkinī (लङ्किन) – the demoness who protected Lańka by Lord Brahmā’s orders; defeated by Hanumān


Lava (लव) – son of Lord Rāma, younger brother of Kuśa


Lava Kuśa Kāṇḍa (लव कुश काण्ड) – the canto describing the epilogue of the Rāmāyaṇa


Lavaṇa (लवण) – the demon tyrannical king of Mathurā killed by Lord Satrughna


līlā (लील) – divine pastimes of the Lord


Locana Dāsa Ṭhākura (लोचन दास ठाकुर) – a well known devotee poet


loka (लोक) – planet


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