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Just as the khol is considered to be the supreme instrument of the Bengal area, the pung is the primary instrument of the Indian state of Manipur. It not only has a musical significance as a accompanying drum, but there are many dances which feature pung players dancing and playing simultaneously, known as pung cholom.


Its construction is similar to the khol, except there is not much girth. The body is made of wood and the heads are made from goat skin. The dayan (treble) head is much bigger than the khol to the extent that it sounds like a tabla dayan. The baya (bass) head is almost the same diameter as the dayan that it has higher pitched bass than many traditional Indian instruments. In addition, the outer rim of each head protrudes outwards more than many Indian drums. Both heads contain the same iron syahi material that gives other instruments, like the tabla and khol, its distinctive sound.


Some Gaudiya Vaisnava instruments and Bengali musicians occasionally use this drum in their kirtans.




UPDATED: March 12, 2012