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KKSongs Krsna Culture Page

Welcome to the Krsna Consciousness Page on KKSongs! The spirituality that holds everything together on is explained in detail here.


FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions about Krsna Consciousness, practices, and core principles.


Temple Bhajan Guide gives a general idea of what songs are sung in most Gaudiya Vaisnava temples at what times of day.


Deities will show a typical altar set-up, explain personalities found on a Krsna Conscious altar, and Deity worship.


Vaisnava Calendar is a calendar with links describing Vaisnava holidays with tutorial describing the Vedic calendar. In addition, a link is provided to produce a custom based Vaisnava calendar, based on location and year of choice.


Mantra Meditation Page gives an introduction to the Hare Krsna mantra, known as the mahamantra. Featured are purports by previous Vaisanva acaryas, scriptural references on the mahamantra, private chanting (japa) tutorial, offenses to the name, and harmonium notations to common mahamantra tunes.


UPDATED: September 18, 2015