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Adore Adore Ye All The Happy Day Blessed

Adore Thy Feet My Master

Alas For Those Who Spend Their Days

All Glories to the Chanting of Sri Krsna’s Holy Names

Back and Forth on the Blossomed Flower Spring

Do You Know Who Is The First

Folding My Hands I Humbly Humbly Place

From Bombay to Bangalore

Glory To Graceful Lovely Radha Who

Glory To Radha and Krsna in Vrndavana

Glory to Sri Govindadeva Whose Feet

Glory To The Son of Vraja’s King

Goddess of Highest Love

Hare Krsna Mahamantra Of All Mantras Best

He’s Walking Through The Dead of Night

How How How How How How How How Can It Be?

I Bow Before Lord Krsnacandra’s Feet (I)

I Bow Before Lord Krsnacandra’s Feet (II)

I Have Turned My Head and Walked

I Wish My Eyes Flow In Tears

I’m Living in the Material World

If You Can Understand How The Lord Appears

If You Want To Look Into The Mysteries Of Life

In Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Five

Jaya Krsna Jaya Krsna Krsna Jaya Krsna

Like A Fallen Demigod On The Ground

Look O Slender Graceful Gopi Friend

Look! It Is A Peaceful Springtime Day

Maya Love Maya Love

My Dear Lord Krsna You are So Kind

My Mind Is Open

My Sweet Lord

Narahari! Narahari!

Nityananda Nityananda Ocean of Love, Mercy, and Bliss

O Graceful Charming King of Lotus Flowers

O My Mind Just Worship

Of Sweet Things It’s The Sweetest

Oh Born of Moslem Parents Haridas!

Pastime Paradise

Pick Up Pick Up Your Weapons O My Friends

Roaming About His Spotless Complexion

Sitting Deep Within My Heart

Smiling Nityananda at His Side

Struggling in the Mountains of Worldly Desires

Tears Streaming From Their Eyes

The Transcendental Lamp of Navadvipa

Trapped Within Samsara’s All Devouring Blazing Fire

Virahastakam (Srila Prabhupada’s Poem)

We’ve Left The Shore, We’re Sailing Forth

When I Found Myself In Times Of Trouble

When Oh When Will That Day Be Mine

Why Does Nanda’s Graceful Teenage Son

You Are An Ocean of Mercy

You Could Have Stayed in Vrndavana


UPDATED: September 10, 2010