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December 31, 2015:


Hare Krsna!


Thank you very much for your support for this website throughout this year, as well as your patience as this website is slowly but surely undergoing changes to improve functionality and more unique features to this website. As we enter 2016, this website would have been on the web for nearly fifteen years!


The core mridanga course is soon to be completed and the mridanga lessons page will be soon be updated. A new video course regarding Devanagari writing/Sanskrit phonology will be in the works.


Thank you very much. Many best wishes as we approach the new year.


Hare Krsna. Jaya Srila Prabhupada!


October 28, 2015:


Hare Krsna! Happy Kartik!


After nearly four years, the IFP III project is under progress. The very ambitious process will go through each and every page of this website.



Every single page of will be redone in Trebuchet MS or Calibri font for diacritic markings. This makes the song easier to read. The commonly sung songs will be worked on first, before the rest of the songs will be converted.



The icons for the website will be using higher quality SVG pictures instead of lower quality JPEG and GIF files.



Previously, all additional bonus features of a particular song (purports, foreign translations, musical notations, etc.) were featured on the bottom of the page. With the updated song page, the fonts (through the and icon) and foreign translation links (through images of the flag) will be right before the lyrics of the song. The purports and song notations will be featured on the bottom of the page.



All songs containing diacritic markings will have a page showing the song in either Bengali or Devanagari font. The few Gujarati and Odia songs featured on will also be available in the Odia font. The few additional songs that were done in the Odia font is also available for viewing.



Mrdanga lessons are in the process of being filmed. So far, up to Lesson 22 Part 4 have been released. Lessons 23 through Lesson 29 have been filmed and in the process of editing.