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Raga Name: Katyayani

That Name: Asavari

Aroha: S R g P d S

Avaroha: S R g R S d P g R S

Jati: Audava Audava

Vadi: d

Samvadi: g

Swarupa: S R g R S d P R g R S

Prahar: 7th Prahar (9 PM to 12 AM)


Raga Katyayani is a rare raga based off of the South Indian musical system. It behaves like Sivaranjani, except that it has a komal dha instead of a Suddha Dha. The one komal dha will give this raga its pathos-filled characteristic. One must be careful to avoid excessive emphasis on Pa, for this will make this raga sound like Gunakri or Jogiya of the Bhairava thāt.


Songs found on this website in Raga Katyayani:

Instrumental: Raga Katyayani (2008)


UPDATED: June 13, 2009