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Song Name: Ami Sei Dusta Mati

Official Name: Yamuna Bhavavali Song 16

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




(hari he)

āmi sei duṣṭa-mati dekhiyā anya-gati

taba pade lo'yechi śaraṇa

jānilama āmi nātha tumi prabhu jagannātha

āmi taba nitya parijana



sei dina kabe ha'be aikantika-bhābe jabe

nitya-dāsa-bhāba lo'ye āmi

manorathāntara jata nihśeṣa koriyā swataḥ

sebibo āmāra nitya-swāmī



nirantara sebā-mati bahibe cittete satī

praśānta hoibe ātmā mora

e bhaktibinoda bole kṛṣṇa-sebā-kutūhole

ciro-dina thāki jena bhora



1) Oh my dear Lord Hari! I am most fallen, and seeing no other alternative, I have taken full shelter at Your lotus feet. Oh Lord! Now I have finally understood that You are known as Jagannatha, Lord of the Universe, whereas I am but Your eternal servant.


2) When will that day come when I will take on the mood and behavior of Your unalloyed eternal servant? Then, all other distracting desires of my mind will automatically become totally exhausted, and I will be able to whole-heartedly render service to my eternal Master.


3) My soul will become fully satisfied when that day will be mine. My heart will be chaste only to You, and it will exhibit such a service attitude which flows from the core of the heart with uninterrupted devotion. Bhaktivinoda says that he will thus live eternally absorbed in such a delightful flow of ecstatic loving service to Krsna.


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