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Song Name: Anya Asa Nahi Jar

Official Name: Yamuna Bhavavali Song 11

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




hari he

anya āśā nāhi jāra taba pada-padma tāra

chāḍibāra jogya nāhi hoya

taba padāśroye nātha kore sei dina-pāta

taba pade tāhāra abhoya



stanya-pāyī-śiśu-jane mātā chāḍe krodha-mane

śiśu tabu nāhi chāḍe māya

je hetu tāhāra ārae jībana dhoribāra

mātā binā nāhika upāya



e bhaktibinoda koya tumi chāḍo doyāmoya

dekhiyā āmāra doṣa-gaṇa

ā;mi to' chāḍite nāri tomā binā nāhi pāri

kakhana dhorite e jībana



1) Oh my dear Lord Hari! He who spends his time under the shelter of Your lotus feet, oh Lord, becomes completely fearless. Indeed, he has no ability to neglect Your lotus feet for he hasn't a pinch of desire to remain under any other shelter.


2) A mother sometimes neglects her breast-suckling children out of anger but still the children could never give up their mother. This is because such small helpless children are not able to maintain their lives at all without their mother, being totally dependent on her.


3) Similarly, Bhaktivinoda says to You, oh Lord Who is overflowing with compassion, that You may reject me if You like, seeing all of my offenses. But still, I will never be able to abandon You, for I cannot maintain my life under any circumstances without You.


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