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Song Name: Ati Ciram Ajani Rajanir

Official Name: Volume 6 Song 27; Utkanthita

Author: Rupa Goswami

Book Name: Stavamala

Language: Sanskrit




ati-ciram ajani rajanir ati-kālī

sańgam avindata na hi vana-mālī



kim u candrāvalir anaya-gabhīrā

nyaruṇad amuḿ rati-vīram adhīrā



kim iha jane dhṛta-pańka-vipāke

vismṛtir asya babhūva varāke



kim uta sanātana-tanur alaghiṣṭham

raṇam ārabhata surāribhir iṣṭam



Refrain: The night was very long and dark. Still, the Lord who wears a garland of forest flowers did not come to meet me.


1) Perhaps bold and quarrelsome Candravali stopped the Lord who is the hero of playful pastimes.


2) Why has He forgotten this person? She is worthless and insignificant. The fruits of her past sins are now ripe.


3) Perhaps the eternal Lord has begun a holy war with the enemies of the demigods.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song is to be sung in Raga Asavari.


UPDATED: May 28, 2009