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Song Name: Balavan Vairagi Thakura

Official Name: Song 10

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Baul Sangit

Language: Bengali





balavān vairāgī ṭhākur, kintu gṛhīr madhye bāhādur

ābār kapni pore’, mālā dhore’,

bahena sevā-dāsīr dhūr



acyuta-gotra-abhimāne, bhikṣā korena sarva-sthāne,

ṭākā-payasā gaṇi’ dhyāne dhāraṇā pracur

kori’ cuṭkī bhikṣā, korena śikṣā, vaṇig-vṛtti piṇḍīśūr



bole tā’re bāul-cāńda, eṭā tomār galār phāńda,

jīver ei aparādha śīghra koro dūr

yaji’ gṛhīr dharma, su-svadharma,

śuddha koro antaḥpur



nyāsī-māna-āśā tyaji’, dīna-bhāve kṛṣṇa bhaji’,

svabhāva-gata dharma yaji’, nāś’ doṣāńkur;

tabe kṛṣṇa pā’be, duḥkha jā’be ha’be tumi su-catur



1) You call yourself a very great and venerable renunciant, but factually you are even more of a sense-gratifier than those who are still householders. Furthermore, you wear a loincloth for show, and carry tulasi beads in your hand, but like a beast of burden, you bear the load of trying to seduce various women into rendering your own service as seva-dasis.


2) You beg alms everywhere you go, proudly advertising yourself as belonging to the disciplic lineage of the infallible Lord Krsna (acyuta-gotra) -- but in your show of deep meditation yoou simply concentrate on repeatedly calculating the total amount of your acquired rupees and milk. You are expert at begging on behalf of your belly, and you make a hoax of giving spiritual instructions to others, ultimately exhibiting the behavior of a businessman. You are a voracious glutton, accustomed to consuming huge quantities of food.


3) Unto those of such nature, Cand Baul advises -- this is the noose about your neck. Quiickly cast afar these offenses unto other souls. Worship the Lord in the honest role of a householder, executing your proper occupational duty according to your own ability, and thus purify yourself internally.


4) Giving up your desire for being honored as a sannyasi, just worship Krsna in a humble state of mind. By performing your religious occupational duties according to your own natural propensity, the seedlings of your vices will be destroyed. Then you will attain Krsna, your unhappiness will go away, and you will become very intelligent.


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