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Song Name: Bandhu Gan Sunoha Vacana

Official Name: Sri Siksastaka Song 8

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali





bandhu-gaṇ! śunoha vacana mor

bhāvete vibhora,  thākiye jakhon,

dekhā deya citta-cor



vicakṣana kori’,  dekhite cāhile,

hoy āńkhi-agocara

punaḥ nāhi dekhi’,  kāńdaye parāṇ,

duḥkhera nāhi thāke or



jagatera bandhu sei kabhu more loy sātha

jathā tathā rakhu more āmāra sei prāṇa-nātha



darśana-ānanda-dāne,  sukha deya mora prāṇe,

bole more pranaya-vacan

punaḥ adarśana diyā,  dagdha kore mora hiyā,

prāṇe mora māre prāṇa-dhan



jāhe tā’r sukha hoy, sei sukha mama

nija sukhe-duḥkhe mor sarvadā-i sama



bhakativinoda,  saḿyoge, viyoge,

tāhe jāne prāṇeśvara

tā’ra sukhe sukhī,  sei prāṇa-nāth,

se kabhu nā hoy para



1) O my dear friends! Please hear my words. When the thief of my heart appears to me, I remain overwhelmed in pure ecstasy.


2) When I scheme to see Him more closely, He suddenly becomes invisible. Thus losing sight of Him again, my soul weeps, and there is no limit to the unhappiness that I feel.


3) Sometimes that friend of the universe takes me as one of His associates; but however He chooses to treat me, He is still the Lord of my life.


4) By bestowing His blissful audience, He gives happiness to my soul, and He speaks words of love to me. But again by His absence He burns my heart, and He who is the treasure of my life gives distress to my soul.


5) Whatever His happiness is, that is also my happiness. Therefore I do not care about my own happiness or distress-they are equal in all ways.


6) In meeting or in separation, Bhaktivinoda knows only Krsna to be the Lord of his life and is made happy only by His happiness. He is the Lord of Bhaktivinoda's soul, and He will never be looked upon with indifference.


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