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Song Name: Baul Baul Bolche Sabe

Official Name: Song 4

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Baul Sangit

Language: Bengali





`bāul bāul’ bolche sabe, hocche bāul kon janā

dāḍi-cūḍā dekhiye (o bhāi) korche jīvake vańcanā



deha-tattva—jaḍer tattva,

tā’te ki chāḍāy māyār gartta,

cidānanda paramārtha, jānte to tāy pārbe nā



jadi bāul cāo re ho’te, tabe calo dharma-pathe,

yoṣit-sańga sarva-mate chāḍo re maner vāsanā



veśa-bhūṣā-rańga jata, chāḍi’ nāme hao re rata,

nitāi-cāńder anugata, hao chāḍi’ sab durvāsanā



mukhe `hare kṛṣṇa’ bolo, chāḍo re bhāi kathār chala,

nām vinā to’ su-sambala, cāńda-bāul ār dekhe nā



1) Everyone keeps using the word "Baul, Baul" as a cheap label, but who has actually become a Baul (a pure devotee gone mad in genuine ecstatic love of God)? By merely exhibiting a long beard and a topknot upon your head, O brothers, you thus cheat many people.


2) Your philosophy of deha-tattvadeha-tattva (the material body is supposedly divine) is simply a philosophy of dull matter (jada-tattva). By maintaining such a doctrine, is it possible to become freed from the womb of Maya? The supreme goal of life is the attainment of eternally conscious bliss (cid-ananda). Although you understand this well, you will still be unable to enter transcendence!


3) O! If you really want to become a genuine Baul (a transcendental madman), then please proceed on the path of religiosity. Oh! Just abandon in all ways the mind's craving for the inappropriate company of women!


4) O! Abandoning the performance of adorning yourself with dramatic clothing and ornaments in imitation of Lord Krishna, may you become attached to chanting His pure holy names. May you become the loyal follower of Nitai Canda, thereby renouncing all evil obsessions.


5) O my dear brothers! Completely giving up your clever manipulative speech, just fill your mouths with the chanting of "Hare Krsna!" Cand Baul sees no means of support other than the abundant resource of the Lord's holy name.


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