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Song Name: Cintamani Moy

Official Name: Siddhi Lalasa Song 5

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




cintāmaṇi-maya rādhā-kuṇḍa-taṭa

taha kuja śata śata

prabāla bidruma maya taru-latā

mukta-phale abanata



svānanda-sukhadā kuja manohara

tahate kuṭīra śobhe

basiya tathaya gabo kṛṣṇa nāma

kabe kṛṣṇa-dasya hobe



emona samaya muralira gāna,

pasibe e dāsī-kāne

ānanda matibo sakala bhulibo,

sri-kṛṣṇa-vamsira gane



radhe radhe boli murali dakibe

madīya īśwari nāma

śuniya camaki uthibe e dāsī

kemon koribe prāna



1) The banks of Sri Radha-kunda are made of billions of conscious, ecstatic desire-fulfilling touchstones, and surrounding the lake are hundreds and hundreds of beautiful transcendental gardens and groves. All the trees and creepers in those gardens are made of coral and rubies, and the fruits they produce are diamonds and pearls. And their branches are bending down to the ground due to being overburdened with millions of these lovely gems.


2) My small cottage is shining beautifully within that most enchanting garden called Svananda-sukhada-kunja. Living there, I will sing Krsna's holy name, and I will greedily hanker for that time when I will get the service of Him and His associates.


3) At this time, while thinking like this, the songs of a transcendental flute will suddenly enter this maidservant's ear. Becoming madly excited by such a sound, I will forget everything and will only listen spellbound to those wonderful songs of Sri Krsna's flute.


4) The low, deep sound of His long murali flute will call out, "Radhe. . . Radhe. . ." --- the very name of my only worshipable Empress and Maharani! Startled with wonder by hearing such a sound, this maidservant will then stand up in great haste with an anxious heart, wondering what to do next.


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