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Song Name: Ei Baro Karuna Koro

Official Name: Vaisnave Vijnapati Song 2

Author: Narottama Dasa Thakura

Book Name: Prarthana

Language: Bengali



ei-bāro karuṇā koro vaiṣṇava gosāņi
patita-pāvana tomā bine keho nāi


jāhāra nikaṭe gele pāpa dūre jāy
emona doyāla prabhu kebā kothā pāy


gańgāra paraśa hoile paścate pāvan
darśane pavitra koro-ei tomāra guṇ


hari-sthāne aparādhe tāre hari-nām
tomā sthāne aparādhe nāhi paritrāṇ


tomāra hṛdoye sadā govinda-viśrām
govinda kohena-mora vaiṣṇava parāṇ


prati-janme kori āśā caraṇera dhūli
narottame koro doyā āpanāra boli'





1) O Vaisnava Goswami, please be merciful to me now. There is no one except you who can purify the fallen souls.


2) Where does anyone find such a merciful personality by whose mere audience all sins go far away?


3) After bathing in the waters of the sacred Ganges many times, one becomes purified, but just by the sight of you, the fallen souls are purified. This is your great power.


4) The holy name delivers one who has committed an offense to Lord Hari. But, if one commits an offense to you, there is no means of deliverance.


5) Your heart is always the resting place of Lord Govinda. Lord Govinda says, "The Vaisnavas are in My heart."


6) I desire the dust of your holy feet in every birth I may take. Please consider Narottama yours, and be kind upon him.


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