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Song Name: Eo To Eka Kalir Cela

Official Name: Song 6

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Baul Sangit

Language: Bengali





eo to’ eka kalir celā

māthā neḍā kapni parā, tilak nāke, galāy mālā



dekhte vaiṣṇaver mata, āsalo śākta kājer belā

sahaja-bhajan korchena māmu,

sańge lo’ye parer bālā



sakhī-bhāve bhajchena tā’re, nije ho’ye nanda-lālā

kṛṣṇa-dāser kathār chale mahā-janake dicchena śalā



nava-rasika āpane māni’ khācchena ābār mana-kolā

bāul bole dohāi, o bhāi, dūra koro e līlā-khelā



1) Here is just another disciple of Kali-yuga! He keeps his head shaved, wears a loincloth, tilak on his nose and tulasi beads around his neck.


2) By looks he appears to be a Vaisnava, but in actuality his conduct is that of a sakta, one who worships the principle of material energy in order to enjoy her. He engages in sahaja-bhajan (so-called "natural worship"), but does so by posing as "uncle" to the children of others, and then stealthily taking the illicit association of their daughters.


3) Accepting these young girls as sakhis (Radha's gopi friends), he fancies himself to be the Son of Nanda. By the deceptive lecturing about how everyone should become Krsna-dasa (the servant of himself as "Krsna"), this disciple of Kali-yuga thus hurls a sharp spear at the true devotees of the Lord.


4) Giving artificial recognition to nava-rasika (the nine relishers), he thus eats and enjoys the bananas of his own mental fabrications. Cand Baul says, "O my dear brothers! Desist from this bogus imitation of the Lord's amorous sports."


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