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Song Name: Gaite Gaite Nama Ki Dasa

Official Name: Sri Siksastaka Song 7

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali




gāite gāite nāma ki daśā hoilo

`kṛṣṇa-nitya-dāsa mui hṛdoye sphurilo



jānilām māyā-pāśe e jaḍa-jagate

govinda-virahe duḥkha pāi nānā-mate



ār je saḿsāra mor nāhi lāge bhālo

kāhā jāi kṛṣṇa herie cintā viśālo



kāńdite kāńdite mor āńkhi-variśoy

varṣā-dhārā heno cakṣe hoilo udoy



nimeṣe hoilo mora śata-yuga-sam

govinda-viraha ār sahite akṣam



śūnya dharā-tala, caudike dekhiye,

parāna udāsa hoy

ki kori, ki kori, sthira nāhi hoy,

jīvana nāhiko roy



braja-bāsī-gaṇ, mora prāna rākho,

dekhāo śrī-rādhā-nāthe

bhakativinoda, minati māniyā,

laohe tāhāre sāthe



śrī-kṛṣṇa-viraha ār sahite pāri

parān chāḍite ār din dui cāri



1) What was my condition after repeatedly chanting the holy name? The realization that "I am the eternal servant of Krsna" spontaneously became manifest within my heart.


2) I realized that I was ensnared in the noose of maya's illusion, being trapped within this dull mundane universe, and that I simply experience misery in various ways due to separation from Lord Govinda.


3) Furthermore, I realized that I do not like this worldly existence. "Where can I go to see Krsna?"-this was my great anxiety.


4) Crying and crying, tears poured from my eyes, appearing just like torrents of rain in the monsoon season.


5) Unable to bear separation from Lord Govinda any longer, for me the passing of a moment became like a hundred long ages.


6) As I look about in all directions, the surface of the earth appears to be void, and my very life-breath feels empty. What am I doing? What am I doing? I do not feel at all tranquil, and the life within my body is slipping away.


7) O residents of Vraja-dhama! Please save my life and show me the Lord of Sri Radha! O consider the prayers of this Bhaktivinoda and take him into His company!


8) I am unable to further tolerate this separation from my Lord Sri Krsna and am ready to give up my life in two days or four.


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