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Song Name: Ghare Bose Baul Hao

Official Name: Song 9

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Baul Sangit

Language: Bengali





ghare bose’ bāul hao re mana,

keno korbi duṣṭa ācaraṇa



mane mane rākhbi bāul-bhāva,

sańga chāḍi’ dharma-bhāve korbi viṣaya lābha

jīvana jāpana korbi, hari-nāmānande sarva-kṣaṇa



jata-dina hṛdoy-śodhana noy,

ghara chāḍle pare `markaṭa-vairāgī’ tā’re koy

hṛdoy-doṣe ripur bośe, pade pade tā’r patana



eńcaḍe-pākā vairāgī je hoy,

parer nārī lo’ye pāler godā ho’ye roy

(ābār) artha-lobhe dvāre dvāre kore nīcer ārādhana



ghare bose’ pākāo nijer mana,

ār sakala-dina koro harir nām-sańkīrtana

tabe cāńd bāuler sańge śeṣe korbi saḿsāra visarjana



1) O my dear mind! May you become a transcendentally maddened Baul while remaining at home! Why do you engage in wicked activities?


2) You may keep the mood of a Baul within your mind, and giving up improper association you will automatically obtain sense pleasures in accordance with religious principles. Thus you will pass your life while every moment experiencing the bliss of Hari-nama.


3) One who renounces his home while his heart is not yet purified is called a markata-vairagi ("monkey-like renunciant"). By the heart being full of offenses, acting under the control of the enemy, one sinks lower and lower at every step.


4) A renunciant immature in renunciation is one who swindles the wives of others and thus remains just like a fat monkey in charge of a harem of female monkeys.

Furthermore, such a person goes from door to door out of greed to receive monetary donations. Thus he engages in the so-called worship of even fallen and degraded souls.


5) May your own mind become ripened with maturity while remaining at home. And just perform Hari-nama sankirtan each and every day. Then, in Cand Baul's company, you shall utterly renounce the material world.


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