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Song Name: Gopinath Termina Este Samsara

Official Name: Part 2

Author: Atulananda Acarya

Book Name: None

Language: Spanish




Gopinath, termina este samsara,

mi ignorancia nació, no aguanto su dolor,

nacer y morir me amarran



Gopinath, de mi lujuria soy siervo,

vivo en la pasión que surge en mi corazón

y me ata a mil deseos



Gopinath, cuando logre despertar,

mi enemiga kama, muy lejos echaré,

luego sólo a Ti tendré



Gopinath, soy solamente tuyo,

por dejarte a Ti, adoré este mundo,

olvidando mi tesoro



Gopinath, Tú lo sabes todo,

a este siervo tuyo, dale su castigo,

y a Tus pies dale Tu abrigo



Gopinath, ¿será de Tu agrado ahora,

que al verme adverso a Tus pies,

me dejas de una vez,

sin mostrar misericordia?



Gopinath, soy demasiado necio,

¿qué es bueno para mí? No sabría decir,

éste ha sido mi destino



Gopinath, Tú eres el más grande sabio,

a este tonto algo bueno, sabrás encontrar,

no lo veas un extraño



1) O Gopinatha, please remove the torment of worldly existence. I can no longer tolerate the pain of ignorance and the repeated succession of births and deaths.


2) O Gopinatha, indeed I am a servant of lust. Worldly desires are awakening in my heart, and thus the noose of fruitive work is beginning to tighten.


3) O Gopinatha, when will I wake up and abandon afar this enemy of lust, end when will You manifest Yourself in my heart?


4) O Gopinatha, I am Your devotee, but having abandoned You and thus having forgotten my real treasure, I have worshiped this mundane world.


5) O Gopinatha, You know everything. Now, having punished Your servant, please give him a place at Your lotus feet.


6) O Gopinatha, is this Your judgment, that seeing me averse to You, You abandon Your servant and don't bestow even a particle of mercy upon him?


7) O Gopinatha, I am certainly very foolish, and I have never known what is good for me. Therefore such is my condition.


8) O Gopinatha, You are indeed the wisest person. Please look for a way to bring about auspiciousness for this fool, and please do not consider this servant as an outsider.



This is the Spanish translation of “Gopinath! Ghucao Samsara Jwala.”


UPDATED: November 3, 2015