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Song Name: Gopinath! Mera Nivedana Suna

Official Name: None

Author: Madhuri Priya Devi Dasi

Book Name: None

Language: Hindi



gopīnāth, mera nivedana suna
viṣayī durjana, sadā kāma-rata,
nahiń mori koi guṇa


gopīnāth, tuma ho merā sahārā
tere caraṇoń li hai, maine śaraṇa,
dāsa hūń maiń terā


gopīnāth, kaise uddhāroge mohe
jānuń nā bhakati, karmoń meń jaḍa-mati,
paḍā hūń saḿsāra-ghore


gopīnāth, saba hai teri māyā
nahiń koī bala, nā j˝āna nā nirmala,
na swādīna hai kāyā


gopīnāth, tere caraṇoń meń sthāna
māńge pāmara, krandana kari kari,
karo he karuṇā dāna


gopīnāth, tuma ho saba samāratha
durjane tāro, tere hai śakati,
pāpīra hūń aj˝āna ratha


gopīnāth, tuma ho jīvoń ke kārana
he kṛpā sāgara, āte prapa˝ce meń,
līlā karo bistāraṇa


gopīnāth, maiń adhā moha meń padhana
sakala meń asura ne kṛpā pāyi terī,
vinoda hai kyoń aśaraṇa



1) O Gopinatha, Lord of the gopis, please hear my request. I am a wicked materialist, always addicted to worldly desires, and no good qualities do I possess.


2) O Gopinatha, You are my only hope, and therefore I have taken shelter at Your lotus feet. I am now Your eternal servant.


3) O Gopinatha, how will You purify me? I do not know what devotion is, and my materialistic mind is absorbed in fruitive work. I have fallen into this dark and perilous worldly existence.


4) O Gopinatha, everything here is Your illusory energy. I have no strength or transcendental knowledge, and this body of mine is not independent and free from the control of material nature.


5) O Gopinatha, this sinner, who is weeping and weeping, begs for an eternal place at Your divine feet. Please give him Your mercy.


6) O Gopinatha, You are able to do anything, and therefore You have the power to deliver all sinners. Who is there that is more of a sinner than myself?

7) O Gopinatha, You are the ocean of mercy. Having come into this phenomenal world, You expand Your divine pastimes for the sake of the fallen souls.

8) O Gopinatha, I am so sinful that although all the demons attained Your lotus feet, Bhaktivinoda has remained in worldly existence.



This is the Hindi translation of the song ôGopinath! Mama Nivedana Suno


UPDATED: November 3, 2015