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Song Name: Gopika Nayanasvadya Gopi Vancana

Official Name: Obeisance 65 Verses 262 to 267

Author: Sanatana Goswami

Book Name: Krsna Lila Stava

Language: Sanskrit




gopikā-nayanāsvādya gopī-vacana-vāk-paṭo




gopī-mahādhi-vistārin gopī-rodana-vardhana

gopy-arthitāńga-saḿsarga gopī-kākūkti-nirvṛta



avahitthā-parityakta prodyan-mānasa-vikriya

dhūrtāgra-gaṇya māḿ pāhi kāma-mugdha smitānana



vyakta-svabhāva-madhura smara-lolita-locana

gopī-manoharāpāńga gopikā-śata-yūthapa



vaijayantī-srag-ākalpa śarac-candra-nibhānana

yamunāpulināsīna gopīramaṇa pāhi māḿ



jita-manmatha tantra-ja gopī-māna-vivardhana




1) O Lord Krsna, the gopis greatly relished seeing You with their eyes. O Lord, You are very expert at speaking eloquent words to cheat the gopis, and in this way You sweetly spoke them and tried to make them afraid of not performing their religious duties of being faithful to their husbands


2) O Lord Krsna, by speaking in this way, you caused to the gopis to suffer greatly and cry. The gopis earnestly desired the touch of Your body, and when they plaintively appealed to You, You became greatly satisfied with them.


3) O Lord Krsna, abandoning Your pretence, Your attitude of mind became completely altered. Your face decorated with a smile, You became infatuated with transcendental lust (to enjoy the gopis). O Lord, You are to be considered the greatest of all rascals. Please protect me.


4) O Lord Krsna, You then manifested Your actual sweet and charming nature and Your eyes restlessly moved here and there, impelled with conjugal desires. O monarch of hundreds of gopis, the glances from the corners of Your eyes enchanted the gopi's minds.


5) O Lord Krsna, staying at the shore of the Yamuna River, and decorated with a vaijayanti garland, Your face is as beautiful as the autumn moon. O transcendental Enjoyer of the gopis, please protect me.


6) O Lord Krsna, O defeater of cupid, when You understood how the gopis were becoming falsely proud, You decided to curb their pride, and thus You playfully dessappeared from their view, in order to show great mercy to them.



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