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Song Name: Hare Haraye Namah

Official Name: Sri Nama Kirtana Song 5

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali





(hare) haraye namaḥ kṛṣṇa yādavāya namaḥ

yādavāya mādhavāya keśavāya namaḥ

gopāla govinda rām śrī-madhusūdan

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)



govinda govinda govinda bolo

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)

guru-kṛpā jale nāśi’ viṣaya-anala

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)



kṛṣṇaete arpiyā deha-gehādi sakal

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)

ananya-bhāvete citta koriyā saral

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)



rūpānuga vaiṣṇavera piyā pada-jal

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)

dāśa aparādha tyaji’ bhukti-mukti-phal

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)



sakhīra caraṇa-reṇu koriyā sambal

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)

swarūpete braja-bāse hoiyā śītal

rādhā-govinda bolo (4 times)



1) I offer my respectful obeisances unto Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, the descendant of the Yadu dynasty, husband of the goddess of fortune and the killer of the demon Kesi, the protector of the cows, the pleaser of the cows, the supreme enjoyer, and the slayer of the demon Madhu. Chant the holy names "Radha-Govinda!"


2) Chant "Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!" Chant "Radha-Govinda!" Now that the waters of the spiritual master's mercy have extinguished the blazing fire of worldly existence, chant "Radha-Govinda!"


3) Offering body, home, family and all to Sri Krsna, chant "Radha-Govinda!" In a mood of unalloyed determination, becoming simple and straightforward in your heart, chant "Radha-Govinda!"


4) Drinking the water that has washed the feet of a Vaisnava who follows in the footsteps of Srila Rupa Goswami, chant "Radha-Govinda!" Giving up the ten offenses to the holy name, as well as the alluring fruits of material enjoyment and liberation, chant "Radha-Govinda!"


5) Making the dust from the feet of a gopi your only means of support, chant "Radha-Govinda!" Feeling relieved by living in Vraja in your eternal spiritual form, chant "Radha-Govinda!"


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