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Song Name: Hari Bolo Hari Bolo Hari Bolo Bhai Re

Official Name: Sri Nama Kirtana Song 3

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali





`hari’ bolo, `hari’ bolo, `hari’ bolo, bhāi re

harinām āniyāche gaurāńga-nitāi re

(modera duḥkha dekhe’ re)



harinām vinā jīver anya dhana nāi-re

harināme śuddha ha’lo jagāi-mādhāi re

(baḍo pāpī chilo re)



miche māyā-baddha ho’ye jīvan kāṭāi re

(`āmi, āmār’ bole’ re)

āśā-vaśe ghure’ ghure’ ār kothā jāi re

(āśār śeṣa nāi re)



`hari’ bole’ deo bhāi āśār mukhe chāi re

(nirāśa to’ sukho re)

bhoga-mokṣa-vāñchā chāḍi’ harinām gāi re

(śuddha-sattva ho’ye re)



nāce’ jeo nāmer gune o sab phala pāi re

(tuccha phale prayās cheḍe’ re)

vinod bole jāi lo’ye nāmer bālāi re

(nāmer bālāi cheḍe’ re)



1) O brothers, chant "Hari!" Chant "Hari!" Chant "Hari!" Lord Gauranga and Lord Nitai have brought the holy name! (Seeing our unhappiness!)


2) Except for the holy name, there is no other treasure for the soul! By the influence of the holy name, even Jagai and Madhai became pure! (They were both greatly sinful persons!)


3) I pass my life uselessly bound by Maya! (Always saying "I" and "mine"!) Wandering here and there under the control of mundane desires-where shall I go next? (There is no end to worldly desires!)


4) O brothers, chant "Hari!" while looking directly in the face of material desire! (Freedom from mundane hankerings is the platform of actual happiness!) Giving up all desire for mundane enjoyment and liberation, I chant the holy names of the Supreme Lord! (Having become pure and situated in transcendence!)


5) I dance in ecstasy due to the power and divine qualities of the holy name, and thus I obtain all these results! (Having given up all endeavors for insignificant material results!) Bhaktivinoda says, "I conquer all impediments to the pure chanting of the holy name! (Having given up all offenses to the holy name!)"


Remarks/ Extra Information:

Verse 4 is a purport to Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 11 Chapter 8 Verse 44: “āśā hi paramaḿ duḥkhaḿ nairāśyaḿ paramaḿ sukham” “material desire is supreme misery, while the state of desireless-ness is supreme happiness.*


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