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Song Name: Heno Kale Habe

Official Name: Siddhi Lalasa Song 3

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




hena kāle habe bilāsa ma˝jarī

anańga ma˝jarī āra

amare heriya ati kṛpa kori

bolibe bacana sāra



eso, eso, sakhī! śrī-lalitā-gaṇe

janibo tomare āja

gṛha-kathā chari rādhā-kṛṣṇa bhajo

tyājiyā dharama-lāja



se madhura vānī śuniyā e jana

se dunhara śrī-caraṇe

āśraya loibe duńhe kṛpa kori

loibe lalita-sthane



lalitā sundarī sadaya hoiya

koribe amare dāsī

sva-ku˝ja-kutire dibena basati

jāni sebā-abhilāṣī



1) When, at such a time, will Vilasa Manjari and Ananga Manjari come along on the same foot-path and, seeing me in this completely insane condition, will speak to me the sweetest essence of words?


2) They will say, "Come, come, sakhi! Our very dear friend! From now on you will be counted amongst the attendants of Sri Lalita Sakhi! Giving up your household concerns and fear of religious principles, just come along with us now and worship Sri-Sri Radha-Krsna!"


3) Hearing such sweet words, I will unhesitatingly take shelter of the lotus feet of both these sakhis, and they will then show me their merciful favor by catching my hand and bringing me into the presence of Sri Lalita Sakhi.


4) Then the most beautiful and charming Lalita Sakhi will behave very graciously towards me and will accept me as one of her own maidservants. She will take me and give me a residence in a small cottage in her own garden, knowing me to be intensely desirous of rendering eternal service.


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UPDATED: June 26, 2009