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Song Name: Jago Mohana Pyare Tore Savare

Official Name: None

Author: Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa




jāgo mohana pyāre

tuma jāgo mohana pyāre

tore sāńvarī surata more mana bhāve

sundara śyāma hamāre



prāta samaya uṭha bhānou udaya bhayo

gwāla bāla sańga bhūpatha thāḍe

tumhare darasa ke bhūke pyāse

uṭh uṭh nanda kiśor re!

uṭhiyo nanda dulāre!



1) Wake up, my beloved and enchanting Krsna (Mohana)! I always cherish Your pleasing face, O my beautiful Syama!


2) It is morning and the first ray of the daybreak is shining. The cowherd boys are engaged in their daily activities. Everyone is hungry and thirsty to see You. Please arise, O Youthful Son of Nanda Maharaja! Please arise, O Darling Son of Nanda Maharaja!



This is one of the favorite bandish (classical compositions) that is sung in the morning by many singers in Raga Bhairava in tintal.


UPDATED: June 27, 2009