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Song Name: Jivera Bhagye Abani Bihare

Official Name: None

Author: Locana Dasa Thakura

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




jivera bhagye abani bihare doya bha-i

bhuvana-mohana goracanda nita-i



kali-yuge jiba yata chila acetana

hari-namamrta diya karila cetana



hena avatara bha-i kabhu suni na-i

pataki uddhara kaila ghare ghare ya-i



hena avatara bha-i na-i kona yuge

kona avatare se papira papa mage



rudhira padila ange kha-iya prahara

yaci prema diya tare karila uddhara



nama-prema-sudhate bharila tri-bhuvana

ekala bancita bela e dasa locana



1) To bring good fortune to the fallen souls, two persons, namely Lord Gauracandra and Lord Nitai, two persons who charm all the worlds, now enjoy pastimes on this earth.


2) In Kali-yuga the people have fallen lifeless and unconscious. By giving them the nectar of Lord Krsna's holy name, these two Lords have brought them back to life.


3) O my brothers, what kind of avataras are these two Lords? Never have I heard of anyone like Them. They deliver the fallen sinners. They go from house to house searching for them.


4) O my brothers, never have there been such avataras. Never in any yuga. What avatara begs the sinners for a gift of their sinful reactions?


5) Even when They were struck and blood flowed from Their bodies, these avataras, begging them please to accept the gift of ecstatic spiritual love, delivered the attackers.


6) These avataras filled the three worlds with the nectar of love for the holy names. Only Locana dasa could not taste that nectar. Only he was cheated of that nectar.



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UPDATED: June 27, 2009