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Song Name: Jnani Jnana Yoge Koriya Jatane

Official Name: Sri Namastaka Song 4

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali





jānī jāna-yoge, koriyā jatane,

brahmera sākṣāt kore

brahma-sākṣātkār, aprarābdha karma,

sampūrna jānete hare



tabu to prārabdha, nāhi hoy kṣoy,

phala-bhoga binā kabhu

brahma-bhūta jīva, phala-bhoga lāgi,

janama-maraṇa labhu



kintu ohe nāma, tava sphūrti hale,

ekāntī janera āro

prārabdhāprārabdha, kichu nāhi thāke,

vede gāya bāro bāro



tomāra udaye, jīvera hṛdoya,

sampūrna śodhita hoy

karma-jāna-bandha, saba dūre jāya,

anāyāse bhava-kṣoy



bhakativinoda, bāhu tule koy,

nāmera niśāna dharo

nāma-ḍańkā-dhvani, koriyā jāibe,

bheṭibe muralīdharo



1) The learned man, endeavoring in the practice of jnana-yoga, eventually sees the Supreme Brahman. That realization of Brahman, in full knowledge, removes all the potential sinful reactions lying in his heart.


2) By dint of Brahman realization all such potential sinful reactions are destroyed; but unless one undergoes the suffering of current sinful reactions, they will not be destroyed. Therefore, despite being a Brahman realized soul, even such a learned man must undergo the current reactions to his sins and thus be implicated in the cycle of birth and death.


3) But, O holy name, if You are vibrated on the tongue of Your unalloyed devotee, then all of his sinful reactions of both past and present lives are completely destroyed. This truth is sung by the Vedas again and again.


4) O sun of the holy name, when You arise on the horizon of the living beings heart, it becomes completely purified, the bondage to materialistic activities and speculative knowledge disappears and the souls worldly existence comes to an end without any difficulty.


5) Thakura Bhaktivinoda, raising his arms says, Take up the banners of the holy name and walk along sounding the drum of the holy name. In this way you will surely obtain the direct audience of Krsna, the holder of the flute.


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