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Song Name: Jo Tum Toro Rama

Official Name: None

Author: Rai Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Hindi




jo tum toro rām maiń nahiń toruń

tum se tori kavana se joruń



tīratha barat na karau andesā

tumhare carana kamala ko bharosā

jāhāń jāhāń jāvoń tumharī pūja

tum deva aur nahiń dūja



maiń apano mana hari sau joryo

hari sau jor sabana se toryo
sab pahara tumharī āsā

mana krama vacana kahai rāidāsā



1) If You break our promise, Oh Rama, I won’t break it on my part. But, if I break my part, who else can I give this promise to?


2) I do not go on pilgrimages or perform rituals, because I do not know how to do these activities. All I know is the trust of Your lotus feet. Wherever I go, I will always worship You. You are my one and only Lord and no other lord exists.


3) I take my mind and meditate and think of Hari in front everyone assembled. In my mind, I tied the knot with Hari and broke any knots with everyone else. In front of all, I put my full trust in You. Thus, Raidasa offers his mind, thought, and words, to You.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song is popularized by Lakshmi Shankar’s 1979 album for Golden Avatara productions. The rendition was in Raga Kirwani in Kaherva Tala.


UPDATED: June 27, 2009