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Song Name: Kabe Habe Heno Dasa Mor

Official Name: Ucchvasa: Prarthana Lalasmayi Song 9; Navadvipa Bhajana Kutir

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




kabe ha'be heno dasa mor

tyaji' jada asa, bividha bandhana,

chadibo samsar ghor



brndabanabhede, nabaddvipa-dhame,

bandhibo kutirakhani

sacir nandana-carana-asroy

koribo sambandha mani'



jahnavi-puline, cinmoy-kanane,

basiya bijana-sthale

krsna-namamrta, nirantara pibo,

dakibo 'gauranga' bo'le



ha gaura-nitai, tora du'ti bhai,

patita-janer bandhu

adhama patita, ami he durjana,

hao more krpa sindhu



kandite kandite, sola-krosa-dhama,

jahnavi ubhoy kule

bhramite bhramite, kabhu bhagya-phale,

dekhi kuchu taru-mule



ha ha manohara, ki dekhinu ami,

boliya murchita ho'bo

samvit paiya, kandibo gopane,

smari dunhu krpa-laba



1) When, oh when will such a condition be mine? Renouncing all of my mundane desires which are giving rise to various types of bondage, I will give up this dark, ghastly material existence.


2) I will build my small hut at Navadvipa-dhama, seeing the land as being non-different from Vrndavana-dhama. There I will finally establish my relationship under the shelter of the lotus feet of the Son of Mother Saci.


3) Living in a solitary place in a spiritually conscious forest on the banks of the Ganga, I will incessantly drink the pure nectar of Krsna's name, and I will loudly shout the name of Gauranga thus:


4) "Oh Gaura-Nitai! You two Brothers are the only true friend of all the fallen souls! I am the lowest of the low, most fallen and wicked-minded, so kindly bestow Your ocean of mercy upon me.


5) Thus repeatedly sobbing and calling out, I will roam all over the abode of 32 square miles, sometimes on one bank of the Ganga and sometime on the other. And sometimes, while wandering about, if I ever receive a drop of good fortune, I may suddenly glance over at the base of a tree (and behold some vision there…)


6) I will blurt out: "Ha Ha, how wonderful! What amazing thing have I seen now?!!", and I will faint senseless on the spot. Regaining consciousness later, I will hide and weep secretly, remembering that all this ecstasy is due to receiving just a tiny speck of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai's mercy.



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