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Song Name: Kabe Mui Vaisnava Cinibo

Official Name: Ucchvasa: Prarthana Lalasmayi Song 7

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




kabe mui vaisnava cinibo hari hari

vaisnava carana, kalyaner khani,

matibo hrdaye dhori'



baisnava-thakura aprakrta sada,

nirdosa, anandamoy

krsna-name priti jade udasina,

jibete dayardra hoy



abhimanahina, bhajana

bisayete anasakta

antara-bahire, niskapata sada,




kanistha, madhyama, uttama prabhede,

vaisnava trividha gani

kanisthe adara, madhyame pranati,

uttame susrusa suni



je jena baisnaba, ciniya loiya,

adara koribo jabe

vaisnaver krpa,j ahe sarva-siddhi,

avasya paibo tabe



vaisnava caritra, sarvada pavitra,

jei ninde himsa kori'

bhakativinoda, na' sambhase ta're

thake sada mauna dhori'



1) Oh my Lord Hari, when will I ever be able to realize who is actually a real Vaisnava, the lotus feet of whom are like a mine of all-auspiciousness? When will I become madly overwhelmed by holding such lotus feet within the core of my heart?


2) Such a revered devotee is always transcendental, free from all faults, and fully joyful in spiritual bliss. Being lovingly attached to the holy name of the Lord, and always disinterested and callous towards worldly interests, he is always melted with compassion for all souls.


3) Devoid of any trace of false ego, fully experienced and expert in bhajana, the pure devotee is completely detached from all types of sense objects. He is always straightforward and sincere both internally and externally, and he is completely attracted to relishing the eternal pastimes of the Lord.


4) I discriminate between the three types of Vaisnavas, namely the kanistha (beginning neophyte), the madhyama (middle class), and the uttama (highest pure devotee). I respect the kanistha, I offer my respectful obeisances unto the madhyama, and I fully submit myself to hearing from the uttama.


5) At that time, when I learn to properly honor such a pure devotee, recognizing his real quality, then only i will certainly achieve all spiritual perfection by his mercy.


6) Bhaktivinoda always keeps a vow to abstain from speaking any type of envious blasphemy unto such a pure devotee, whose life and characteristics are in all ways pure.



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