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Song Name: Kapatam Idam Tava Vindati

Official Name: Volume 6 Song 30

Author: Rupa Goswami

Book Name: Stavamala

Language: Sanskrit




kapaṭam idaḿ tava vindati hare

nāvasaraḿ punar āli-nikare dhruva



yāḿ sevitavān asi jāgarī

tvām ajayat niśi nāgarī



kuru śapathaḿ gokula-pate

vetti ciraḿ caritaḿ na te




na punar ahaḿ tvayi rasam āhare



(Refrain) Lord Hari, this trick does not bewilder my friends.


1) The girl You attentively served has conquered You at night.


2) O king of Gokula, please do not swear that You are truthful. What girl has not for a long time known these pastimes?


3) O Lord who has abandoned Your eternal love for us, I shall never love You again!



This song is sung in Raga Bhairava. This song is another description of the Khandita Gopi.


UPDATED: June 28, 2009