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Song Name: Keno Ar Koro Dvesa

Official Name: Sreyo Nirnaya Song 5

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali





keno ār koro dveṣa, videśi-jana-bhajane

bhajanera lińga nānā, nānā deśe nānā jane



keho mukta-kacche bhaje, keho hāṭu gāḍií pūje

keho vā nayana mudií thāke brahma-ārādhāne



keho yogāsane pūje, keho sańkīrtane maje

sakale bhajiche sei eka-mātra kṛṣṇa-dhane



ataeva bhrātṛ-bhāve, thāko sabe su-sadbhāve

hari-bhakti sādho sadā, e jīvane vā maraṇe



1) Why do you continue to hate the way the Lord is worshiped by people of other lands? There exist a number of authentic ways to worship God, according to the customs of various peoples living in different countries.


2) Some people worship the Lord in an untidy or careless manner; some worship Him by bending down on their knees; still others close their eyes while worshiping His impersonal Brahman aspect.


3) Some people worship Him by assuming various yoga postures, and some immerse themselves in the congregational chanting of the Lord's holy names; but all of them worship that one and only supreme treasure-Lord Sri Krsna.


4) Therefore you should all reflect a mood of brotherhood and live together in transcendental friendship. Always practice devotional service to Lord Hari, whether in situations of life or death.



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UPDATED: August 3, 2017