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Song Name: Krsna Bamsi Gita Suni

Official Name: Ucchvasa: Ucchvasa Kirtana Rasa Kirtana Song 1

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




krsna bamsi-gita suni', dekhi' citra-patakhani,

loka-mukhe guna sravaniya

purva-ragakranta cita, unmada-laksananvita,

sakhi-sange calila dhaiya



nikunja-kanane korilo abhisar

na manilo nibarana, grha-karya aganana,

dharmadharma na korilo bicar



jamuna-puline giya, sakhi-gane sambodhiya,

jijnasilo priyer uddesa

chadilo praner bhoy banete pravesa hoy,

bamsi-dhvani koriya nirdesa



nadi jatha sindhu-prati, dhay ati vegavati,

sei-rupa rasavati sati

ati vege junja-bane, giya krsna-sannidhane,

atma-nibedane koilo mati



keno mor durbala lekhani hami sare?

abhisar arambhiya sakampa antare



milana, sambhoga, bipralambhadi-barnana

prakasa korite nahi sare mama mana



durbhaga na bujhe rasalila tattwa-sar

sukara jemana nahi cine mukta har



adhikar-hina-jana-mangala cintiya

kirtana korinu sesa kal vicariya



1) By hearing the song of Krsna's flute, seeing His picture, and hearing other persons describe His wonderful qualities, my heart has become attacked and afflicted with remembrance of my previous attachment to Him. Possessed with all the symptoms of madness, I wildly run here and there seeking the company of the gopis.


2) I have gone to a grove in the forest bowers for the lovers' rendezvous. I have paid no heed to the prohibitions of my family members, I have completely ignored all of my innumerable household duties, and I have not even considered what religious or irreligious activity is for me.


3) Going to the bank of the Yamuna and addressing all the gopis there, I have inquired from them news about he whereabouts of my most dearly Beloved. Giving up all fear in my heart, I enter into the forest following the direction of the flute's vibration.


4) Just as a river flows into the sea, I irresistibly run like a very swift current, thus proving my chastity. Quickly reaching the forest bowers, I finally come into the presence of Sri Krsna, in my mood of total self-surrender.


5) Oh why is my pen so weak an feeble? Why won't it move any further? I cannot possibly express the inception of the transcendental Lovers' meeting, which is causing my heart to tremble and throb.


6) My mind has no capability to describe the essence of the transcendental Lovers' meeting, Their enjoyment together, Their separation or any other pastimes.


7) Only the most unfortunate persons cannot understand the essence of the truth of the rasa-lila, just as a hog cannot recognize what is a pearl necklace.


8) Considering for the benefit of those who have no capacity for hearing about such things, I have thus ended my kirtan here.



This is the final song in Kalyana Kalpataru. This is also the final song he wrote from his five major songbooks.


UPDATED: June 28, 2009