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Song Name: La Noche Termina

Official Name: None

Author: Atulananda Acarya

Book Name: None

Language: Spanish




La noche termina, el día ya empieza

Tu sueño deja, levántate oh Jiva

Canta Hari Hari, Mukunda Murari

Rama Krsna Hayagriva



Nrsimha Vamana, Sri Madhusudana

Hijo del rey Nanda, Syama

Matas a Putana y a Kaitabha

Gloria a Ram hijo de Dasarath



Amado de Yasoda, Govinda Gopala

Pastor de Vrndavana

Amado de las gopis y de Sri Radhika

La más bella Personalidad



A Ravana eliminas, robas la mantequilla

Como a las gopis sus ropas también

Protector de Vraja, a los gopas amparas

Tu flauta roba la mente a su vez



Rey de los yoguis, hijo de Nanda

A todo Vraja quitas el temor

Como nube nueva, oh belleza extrema

El flautista más encantador



Hijo de Yasoda, termina con Kamsa

En Vrindavan goza del rasa

Bajo Kadambas juega,

Ante el amor se entrega

Los bosquecillos son Su casa



Ananda aumenta, es morada del prema

Flechas de flores usa es Kamadeva

A las gopis contenta, alegra la conciencia

Todas las cualidades alberga



Vida del Yamuna, en sus lilas se encanta

De las gopis cakoras la luna

Estos nombres canta, de Krsna sus glorias

Oh mente guárdalo en tu memoria



1) The night has come to an end and the light of dawn is entering. O jiva soul, arise and give up your sleep. Chant the holy names of Lord Hari, who is the giver of liberation; the enemy of the Mura demon; the supreme enjoyer; the all-attractive one; and the horse-headed incarnation, Hayagriva.


2) Lord Hari [Krsna] incarnated as the half-man, half-lion, Nrsimha. He appeared as a dwarf-brahmana named Upendra and is the killer of the Madhu demon. He is the beloved son of the King of Vraja, Nanda Maharaja, and is blackish in complexion. He is the slayer of the Putana witch and the destroyer of the demon Kaitabha. All glories to Lord Hari, who appeared as Lord Rama, the son of King Dasaratha.


3) He is the darling of mother Yasoda; the giver of pleasure to the cows, land, and spiritual senses; and the protector of the cows. He is the Lord of the Vrndavana forest; the gopis' beloved; the lover of Radhika; and the most beautiful personality in all the worlds.


4) As Ramacandra He brought about the end of the demoniac King Ravana; as Krsna He stole the older gopis' butter; He stole the younger gopis' clothes while they were bathing in the Yamuna. He is a cowherd boy of Vraja and the protector of the cowherd boys. He steals the hearts of all and always holds a flute.


5) Lord Krsna is worshiped by the best of yogis and is the son of Nanda. He removes all the fears of the inhabitants of Vraja. He is the color of a fresh rain cloud, and His form is enchanting. When He wanders about, playing His flute, He looks very charming.


6) He is the son of Yasoda and the killer of King Kamsa, and He sports in the rasa dance among the groves of Vraja. Krsna engages in this rasa dance underneath the kadamba trees, and He resides in the forest of Vrndavana.


7) He increases the ecstasy of His devotees. He is the reservoir of all love and is the transcendental Cupid who uses His flowered arrows to increase the loving desires of the gopis. He is the pleasure of the gopis' hearts and the abode of all wonderful qualities.


8) Lord Krsna is the life of the River Yamuna. He is always absorbed in amorous pastimes, and He is the moon of the gopis' minds, which are like the cakora birds that subsist only upon moonlight. O mind, obey these words of mine and sing the glories of Sri Krsna in the form of these holy names, which are full of nectarean mellows.



This song is a Spanish translation of the song “Vibhavari Sesa Aloka Pravesa” by Bhaktivinoda Thakura.


UPDATED: November 1, 2015