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Song Name: Madhava Bahuta Minati Kari Toya

Official Name: None

Author: Vidyapati

Book Name: None

Language: Maithili




mādhava, bahuta minati kari toya

dei tulasī tila, deha samarpinu,

dayā jāni chāḍabi moya



gaṇaite doṣa, guṇaleśa pāobi,

yab tuhu˝ karabi vicāra

tuhu˝ jagannāth, jagate kahāosi

jag-bāhira nahi mu˝i chāra



kiye mānuṣa paśu pakhī ye janamiye,

athavā kīṭa pata˝ge

karam vipāke, gatāgati punaḥ punaḥ

mati rahu tuyā parasa˝ge



bhaṇaye vidyāpati, atiśaya kātara,

taraite iha bhava-sindhu

tuyā pada-pallava, kari avalamban,

tila eka deha dīna-bandhu



1) O Madhava, with this offering of a tulasi leaf and sesame seeds I beseech You and pledge my body in Your service. I know Your compassion is such that You will not reject me.


2) While considering this appeal, You will only be able to count my faults. You will not find even a trace of good qualities in me. You are known throughout the creation as Jagannatha (master of the universe). Therefore do I, a worthless soul living within this universe, not have the right to accept You as my master?


3) Birth after birth, as a result of my karma, I repeatedly come and go, sometimes as a human, sometimes as an animal and sometimes as a bird, worm or insect. But in whatever birth I take may my mind always remain fixed on Your narrations.


4) With great remorse, the poet Vidyapati humbly prays, ôO Madhava, O friend of the fallen, please give this insignificant person shelter at the tender leaf of Your lotus feet. In this way, I may cross over this ocean of material existence.ö



This song is popularized by the Abhay Charan Soundtrack CD.


UPDATED: July 4, 2009