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Song Name: Madhava Parihara Patima Tarangam

Official Name: Volume 6 Song 29

Author: Rupa Goswami

Book Name: Stavamala

Language: Sanskrit




mādhava parihara paṭima-tarańgam

vetti na tava rańgam



hṛdayāntaram adhiśāyitam ramaya janaḿ nija-dayitam



kiḿ phalam aparādhikayā samprati tava rādhikayā



āghūrṇati tava nayanam yāhi ghaṭīḿ bhaja śayanam



anulepaḿ racayālam naśyatu nakha-pada-jālam



tvām iha vilasati bālā mukhara-sakhīnāḿ mālā



deva sanātana vande na kuru vilambam ālinde



Refrain: Madhava, retract these waves of clever words! Which gopi does not know how Your pastimes?


1) Now You may please delight the person who resides in Your heart!


2) What is the use of offensive Radhika?


3) Your eyes are rolling! Go to sleep!


4) Smear sandal paste on Your limbs. Then the network of scratch marks will perish.


5) The fresh garland of My talkative friends is laughing at You.


6) O eternal Lord, I bow down before You. Do not loiter at My doorstep.



This song is sung in Raga Ramakali. This song is sung by an angry gopi.


UPDATED: July 4, 2009