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Song Name: Madhuram Madhurebhyo ‘Pi

Official Name: Kevalastakam

Author: Anonymous

Book Name: None

Language: Sanskrit




madhuraḿ madhurebhyo ‘pi
mańgalebhyo ‘pi mańgalam
pāvanaḿ pāvanebhyo ‘pi
harer nāmaiva kevalam



sarvaḿ māyā-mayaḿ jagat
satyaḿ satyaḿ punaḥ satyaḿ
harer nāmaiva kevalam



sa guruḥ sa pitā cāpi
mātā bandhavo ‘pi saḥ
śikṣayec cet sadā smartuḿ
harer nāmaiva kevalam



niḥśvāse nāhi viśvāsaḥ
kadā ruddho bhaviṣyati
kīrtanīya mato bālyād
harer nāmaiva kevalam



hariḥ sadā vaset tatra
yatra bhāgavatā janāḥ
gāyanti bhakti-bhāvena
harer nāmaiva kevalam



aho duḥkhaḿ mahā-duḥkhaḿ
duḥkhād duḥkhataraḿ yataḥ
kācārthaḿ vismṛtam ratna-
harer nāmaiva kevalam



dīyatāḿ dīyatāḿ karṇo
nīyatāḿ nīyatāḿ vacaḥ
gīyatāḿ gīyatāḿ nityaḿ
harer nāmaiva kevalam



tṛṇī-kṛtya jagat sarvaḿ
rājate sakalopari
cid-ānanda-mayaḿ śuddhaḿ
harer-nāmaiva kevalam


1) More sweet than all other sweet things; more auspicious than all other auspicious things; the greatest purifier of all purifying things—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.


2) The entire universe, from exalted Brahma down to the lowly clump of grass, is a product of the illusory energy of the supreme Lord. The only thing that is reality, reality, again I say reality—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.


3) That person is a true preceptor, or a true father, a true mother, and a true friend also only if they teach one to always remember—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.


4) There is no certainty when the last breath will come and put an abrupt halt to all one’s material plans; therefore it is wise to always practice chanting from very childhood—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.


5) Lord Hari eternally dwells in that place where truly exalted, spiritually advanced souls sing in the mood of pure devotion—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.


6) Aho! What a sorrow, what a great sorrow! More painful than any other misery in the world! Mistaking it as a mere piece of glass, the people have forgotten this jewel—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.


7) It should be heard again and again with one’s ears; It should be uttered over and over with one’s voice; It should be perpetually sung and sung anew—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.


8) It makes the entire universe seem insignificant as a blade of grass; it splendorously reigns supreme over all; it is full of eternally conscious divine ecstasy; it is supremely pure—The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything.



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MUSICAL NOTATION: Madhuram Madhurebhyo Pi




 ENGLISH TRANSATION: Of Sweet Things It’s The Sweetest



          : Madhuram Madhurebhyo Pi (DEVA)


UPDATED: June 22, 2011