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Song Name: Mana Keno E Samsaya

Official Name: Upadesa: Song 5

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




mana, keno e samsaya

jada-prati ghrna kori' bhajite premer hari,

svarupa laksite koro' bhoy



svarupa korite dhyana, pache jada paya athana,

ei bhoye bhava' brahma-moy

nirakara niranjana, sarva-vyapi sanatana,

asvarupa koricho niscoy



abhava-dharmer base, svabhava na citta pase,

bhaver abhava tahe hoy

tyaja ei tarka-pasa, parananda-parakasa,

krsna-candra koroho asroy



sac-cit-ananda-moy, krsner svarupa hoy,

sarvananda-madhurya niloy

sarvatra sampurna-rupa, ei ek aparupa,

sarva-byapi brahme taha noy



ataeva brahma ta'r, anga-kanti suvistar,

brhat boliya tanre kay

brahma parabrahma jei, sri-krsna-svarupa sei,

vinoder jahate pranay



1) My dear mind, why do you have all these skeptical doubts? You despise the material world just to facilitate your merging into Brahman, but you are afraid to worship Hari, the Lord of ecstatic love, for fear of perceiving your own eternal, spiritual form.


2) This fear is due to your thinking that everything is made of Brahman. You imagine that if you were to meditate on your eternal spiritual form, that sometime later you may become influenced by forms made of the material energy. Therefore you are convinced that the Absolute is without any form, spotlessly pure, all-pervading, eternal and formless.


3) And now, swayed under the influence of this non-ecstatic philosophy, your actual blissful spiritual nature has not entered your heart. Therefore your so-called impersonal Brahman realization has actually short-changed you from your true ecstasy, and thus you simply remain in scarcity for want of true love. Renouncing this logical jugglery, just take shelter of beautiful moon-like Krsna, who is the ecstatic manifestation of supreme bliss.


4) In comparison to the impersonal Brahman, Lord Krsna's original personal form is composed of eternity, knowledge and bliss. He is the reservoir and source of pleasure and sweetness for all living entities. He is the complete form of beauty at all places and at all times. These are some of His special, wonderful characteristics. None of these wonderful qualities can be found in the impersonal Brahman.


5) Therefore I now declare that the Brahman effulgence is actually the transcendental effulgence of Lord Krsna's body; it is His extremely vast ant extensive aura. He who is the Brahman, and above that, the Prabrahman, is the original form of Lord Sri Krsna, for whom Bhaktivinoda has love and affection.



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