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Song Name: Mana Re Keno Koro Vidya

Official Name: Upadesa: Song 10

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




mana re, keno koro vidyar gaurava

smrti-sastra, byakarana, nana-bhasa-alocana,

brddhi kore' jaser saurabha



kintu dekho cinta kori' jadi na bhajile hari,

bidya taba kevala rauraba

krsna prati anurakti, sei bije janme bhakti,

bidya ho'te taha asambhava



bidyar marjana ta'r, kabhu kabhu apakar,

jagatete kori anubhava

je bidyar alocane, krsna-rati sphure mane,

tahari adara jano' saba



bhakti badha jaha ho'te, se bidyar mastakete,

padaghata koro' akaitaba

sarasvati krsna-priya, krsna-bhakti ta'r hiya

binoder sei se baibhava



1) Oh mind, why do you give such importance to mundane knowledge? Your discussion and deliberation on the smrti scriptures, various languages and grammar certainly increases the sweet fragrant aroma of your own material reputation, name and fame.


2) But just look here and consider this for your judgment. If you have not worshiped Lord Hari, then all of you so-called knowledge is just like a vicious hell. True devotional service actually takes its birth from the seed of attraction and affection for Krsna. Such a seed is impossible to get by the cultivation of ordinary worldly knowledge.


3) I feel that the hair-splitting scrutiny of mundane knowledge is actually harmful. On the other hand, however, everyone will appreciate the cultivation of that transcendental knowledge which awakens love and attachment for Krsna within the mind.


4) Among all the obstacles to devotion, this mundane knowledge is certainly the foremost. You must sincerely kick it out, dear mind, for the real understanding is that Mother Sarasvati, the Goddess of learning, is very dear to Lord Krsna, and devotion to Him is her very heart. This very devotion is indeed the sanctifying grace of Bhaktivinoda.



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