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Song Name: Mana Re Keno Miche Bhajicho Asar

Official Name: Upadesa: Song 1

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




mana re, keno miche bhajicho asar?

bhutha-maya e sansar, jiber paksete char,

amangala-samudra apar



bhutatita suddha-jiba, niranjana sadasiba,

mayatita premer adhar

taba suddha-satta tai, e jada-jagate bhai,

keno mugdha hao bar bar?



phire dekho eka-bara, atma amrter dharo,

ta'te buddhi ucita tomar

tumi atma-rupi ho'ye sri-caitanya-samasraye,

brndabane thako anibar



nitya-kala sakhi-sange, parananda-seba-range,

jugala-bhajana koro' sar

e heno jugala-dhana, chare jei murkha jana,

ta'ra gati nahi dekhi ar



1) Oh my dear mind, please tell me why you uselessly adore and worship such false things in this world? This material world is simply composed of five gross elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether, but the pure spirit soul somehow wants to keep him in a most degraded condition of abject ruination by remaining within this unfathomable ocean of inauspiciousness.


2) The spirit soul actually lives beyond these five gross elements, and he is always spotlessly pure, devoid of material designations, and abounds in auspicious spiritual happiness. He is certainly a fit receptacle for pure love of Godhead, which is beyond the range of maya's illusions. Oh my dear mind, my dear friend! You are meant to be situated in pure transcendental existence as pure spirit soul, so I ask you now - why do you become enchanted and captivated again and again within this dull material universe?


3) Just become a little introspective for once, and try to keep in mind the fact that pure spirit soul is actually eternal and full of nectar. Such intelligent judgments are quite befitting you. Reassuming your real form as pure soul, just remain always in Vrndavana under the shelter of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.


4) Make the worship of the Divine Couple your only object of pursuit. And in the company of Their most dear cowherd girlfriends and maidservants, just perform transcendentally joyful service unto Their pastimes for all of eternity. I am not able to predict the destination of those foolish souls who dare to neglect such a treasure as this conjugal service.



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