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Song Name: Mana Re Tumi Boro Sandigdha Antar

Official Name: Upadesa: Song 3

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




mana re, tumi boro sandigdha-antar

asiyacho e samsare, baddha ho'ye jaradhare,

jarasakta ho'le nirantar



bhuliya avakiya dhama, sebi' jaragata kama,

jara bina na dekho apar

tomar tumitva jini, acchadita ho'ye tini,

lupta-praya deher bhitor



tumi to' jariya jnana, sada koritecho dhyana,

tahe srsti koro' caracar

e duhkha kohibo ka're, nitya-pati-parihari'

tuccha-tattve korile nirbhar



nahi dekho' atma-tattva, chari dile suddha-sattva,

atma ho'te nile abasar

atma ache ki na ache, sandeha tomar kache,

krame krame pailo adar



eirupe krame krame, pariya jarer bhrame,

apana apani ho'le par

ebe katha rakho mor, nahi hao atma-cor,

sadhu-sanga koro' atahpar



baisnaber krpa-bale, sandeha jaibe ca'le,

tumi punah hoibe tomar

pa'be brndabana-dhama, sevibe sri radha-syama

pulakasru-moy kalebar

bhaktibinoder dhana, radha-krsna-sri-carana

tahe rati rahun nirantar



1) My dear mind, you are most suspicious and doubtful at heart. Having come into this material world, and becoming conditioned within the prison cell of this dull material body, you have become stupefied by being attached continuously to temporary external matter.


2) Mind, you are forgetting your own eternal home, and you are rendering faithful service to dull material lust. Thus you cannot perceive anything beyond the gross inanimate objects which are directly contacted by your senses. Your true nature as pure spirit soul has become covered over and remains hidden inside your body.


3) Dear mind, according to your materialistic knowledge and feeble enlightenment, you always meditate on so-called scientific subject matters, but all of that is simply limited to all the moving and non-moving things which are confined within the jurisdiction of this temporarily created universe. To whom shall I tell the story of my anguish? I have abandoned my eternal Father simply to rely on such an unsubstantial and insignificant reality.


4) My dear mind, you are not seeing the truth of the nature of the soul, and thus you have given up the natural pure goodness of your heart. You have put a stop to all spiritual activity by taking yourself far away from the soul. You always maintain the doubt "does the soul exist or not?", and thus in you so-called scientific meditations you gradually become more and more fond of such doubting.


5) My dear mind, in this way you are falling into the illusory mistakes of the insensitive world of matter, and thus your own real self has become transformed into an entirely different, false personality. Now just take heed of my advice, dear friend, and don't cheat your own soul in this way any longer, but from now on please keep yourself in the company of the devotees of the Lord.


6) By the power of the Vaisnavas' compassion, then all of your doubts will be long gone, and your soul will become yours once again. You will attain the transcendental abode of Vrndavana, my dear mind, and there you will wait upon Radha-Syama in your eternal spiritual body which abounds in ecstatic shivering and torrents of joyful tears. Thus the real wealth of Bhaktivinoda is to keep continuous, intense absorption in the beautiful lotus feet of Sri Radha-Krsna.



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