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Song Name: Mana Tumi Parile Ki Char

Official Name: Upadesa: Song 6

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




mana, tumi parile ki char?

nabadvipe patha kori', nyaya-ratna nama dhori',

bheker kac kaci koile sar



dravyadi padartha-jnana, chaladi nigraha-sthana,

samavaya korile bicar

tarker carama phala, bhoyankara halahala,

nahi bicarile durnibar



hrdoy kathina ho'lo, bhakti-bija na barilo.

kise ho'be bhava-sindhu par?

anumile je isvar, se kulala-cakradhar,

sadhana kemone ho'be ta'r?



sahaja-samadhi tyaji', anumiti mana bhaji,

tarka-nistha hrdoy tomar

se hrdoye krsna-dhana, nahi pana sukhasana,

aho, dhik sei tarka char



anyaya nyayer mata, dura koro abirata,

bhajo krsna-candra saratsar



1) My dear mind, what kind of contemptible rubbish have you fallen into now? Studying intensely in the schools of Navadvipa, you have been awarded the distinguished title of "nyaya-ratna" (a jewel of a logician). Then, disguised as a Vaisnava, you indulge in long, dull arguments based on logic and reasoning, considering such logic to be your best object of pursuit. However, such time-wasting arguments are exactly like the meaningless croaking of a small frog in the wilderness. In other words, such a sound is simply an unnecessary disturbance to the ears.


2) To support your deceptive hoax and to get a firm footing on a bogus intellectual platform for oppressing and defeating others, you deliberate on an aggregate of materialistic subjects such as knowledge of intrinsic word meanings in relation to all the things which you can perceive within this universe. However, the ultimate result of all your logical arguments and your labeling of material objections simply like a dreadful poison, and you never considered that this poisonous influence is extremely difficult to check.


3) Just see, dear mind, your heart has indeed become as hard as a rock, and the seed of the creeper of devotion cannot possibly grow in such a barren place. So then how will you cross over this vast ocean of material existence? In this position you can only guess about the nature of the Supreme Lord, just as a clay pot maker will observe the vast creation. When the simple-minded potter guesses about the Supreme, he thinks that the entire material creation is just like a larger version of his own simple potter's wheel, and that the Lord is the potter. In other words, by seeing a clay pot, you can guess that there must have been a potter to make it in the first place. This philosophy is very crude and contains no scope for developing love for the Supreme Lord.


4) Renouncing your own natural samadhi, and practically worshiping that which you can prove by simply guessing (without actual realization), Your heart has become devoutly attached to arguing about such useless logic. Oh, to hell with all this rubbish logic! It has not made a comfortable seat in my heart for Lord Krsna to sit on.


5) My dear mind, I advice you to constantly kick out such an unreasonable argumentative mentality, and just worship the moon-like Krsna-candra, the Topmost Truth.



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