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Song Name: Maner Mala Japbi Jakhon

Official Name: Song 8

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Baul Sangit

Language: Bengali





maner mālā japbi jakhan, mana,

keno korbi bāhya visarjana

mane mane bhajan jakhan hoy,

prema uṭhle paḍe’ bāhya-dehe vyāpta ho’ye roy;

ābār dehe care, japāy kore, dharāy mālā anukṣaṇa



je vyāṭā bhaṇḍa-tāpasa hoy,

baka-biḍāla dekhā’ye bāhya ninde atiśoy;

nije juta pe’le kāminī-kanaka kore sadā saḿghaṭana



se vyāṭār bhitora phakkākār,

bāhya-sādhana-nindā boi ār āche kibā tā’r

(nijer) mana bhālo dekhā-te giye ninde sādhu-ācaraṇa



śuddha kori’ bhitora bāhira, bhāi,

hari-nām korte thāko, tarke kāj nāi,

(śuṣka) tomār tarka korte jīvana jā’be

cāńda-bāul tāy duḥkhī ho’no



1) My dear mind, when you chant japa on the mala within your mind, why do you cease the actions of chanting japa externally? When one performs bhajan within the mind, and prema factually arises internally, then the external body also becomes pervaded by those symptoms. Therefore the body rocks and sways, while one incessantly turns their beads in chanting japa.


2) This improper form of mental chanting is the tendency of the pretentious so-called renunciants. As displayed in the fables of the crane and cat, such renunciation is extremely contemptible. Although such a trait is shown externally, whenever one gains an opportunity to enjoy women and wealth he continually indulges.


3) Inside such a man is merely an empty cavity of deceit. What does he have to express other than direct blasphemy of the process of executing external sadhana-bhakti? He thus makes a show of his own mental concoctions as being supposedly "superior" while he openly condemns the activities of the true sadhus.


4) O dear brother! Purify yourself both internally and externally. Stay engaged in chanting Hari-nama, instead of simply babbling stubbornly with controversial attitudes. When you pass your life consumed with dry arguments, then Cand Baul becomes very sad.



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