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Song Name: Mathura Jana Samviksya

Official Name: Obeisance 88 Verses 352 to 354

Author: Sanatana Goswami

Book Name: Krsna Lila Stava

Language: Sanskrit




mathurā-jana-saḿvīkṣya rajakaḿśuka-yācaka

durmukhākṣepa-saḿkruddha rańgakāra-śirohara







prasīda vāyakonnīta-caileyākalpa-bhūṣita

nānā-lakṣaṇa-veśāḍhya he vāyaka-vara-prada



1) O Lord Krsna, the residents of Mathura became thus absorbed in seeing You. When You asked a washer man to give nice clothing to You, and he refused, speaking harsh and insulting words, You casually decapitated him (with Your hand).


2) O Lord Krsna, You then nicely dressed Your self in two nice garments selected from the washerman's collection, Lord Balarama and the cowherd boys also took what garments they wished and became jubilant.


3) O Lord Krsna, please be merciful to me. When a devotee-tailor brought to You exquisite, ornate and colorful garments accompanied by ornaments, You donned those garments and appeared very beautiful and opulent. (Very pleased, You gave a great spiritual) benediction to that tailor.



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