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Song Name: Maya Baddha Jataksana

Official Name: Yamuna Bhavavali Song 7

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




hari he

māyā-baddha jata kṣaṇa thāke to' jībera mana

joḍa mājhe kore bicāraṇa

parabyoma jāna-moya tāhe taba sthiti hoya

mana nāhi pāya daraśana



bhakti-kṛpā-khargāghāte joḍa-bandha cheda tā'te

jaya mana prakṛtira pāra

tomāra sundara rūpa here' taba aparūpa

joḍa-bastu koroye dhik-kāra



ananta bibhūti jāńra jini doyā pārābāra

sei prabhu jībera īśwara

e bhaktibinoda dīna sadā śuddha-bhakti-hīna

śuddha-bhakti māge nirantara



1) Oh my dear Lord Hari! So long as the minds of the jivas are conditioned by maya, they simply wander about and loiter within the world of dead matter. However, You are permanently situated in the spiritual skies of Vaikuntha and Goloka, which the material mind has no capacity for perceiving at all.


2) By the causeless mercy of the sharp sword of pure devotional service, all bondage to matter is severed, and the mind can then travel far beyond the dull material energy. Then, upon beholding Your wonderfully beautiful form, one has no other choice but to condemn all inferior things which are simply made of matter.


3) Thus, by devotion one is enabled to see the Supreme Lord Who is the Master of all souls, Who possesses unlimited transcendental opulences, and Who is an ocean of compassion. This most fallen Bhaktivinoda, who is always bereft of pure devotional service, now begs ceaselessly for this type of staunch, unalloyed devotion.



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