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Song Name: Mere Janama Marana Ke Sathi

Official Name: None

Author: Mira Bai

Book Name: None

Language: Hindi





mere janama maraṇa ke sāthī

tuma dekhyo vina kalanā parata hai

jānata more chāti re



ūńcī caḍha caḍha pantha nihārūń

ro ro ańkhiyāń rātī

mīra ke prabhu parama manohara

hari caraṇana guna gātī

pala pala tero rūpa nihārūń

nirakha nirakha sukha pātī



1) Oh! My birth and death partner, Krsna! Not seeing You makes me very restless. Only you know my soul.


2) As I try to get near You to see Your beautiful form, my eyes filled with love cry out incessantly. Mira Bai’s Lord is the Supreme Enchater. I sing the glories of Lord Hari’s lotus feet. I look at Your form at every moment, and I attain constant happiness.



This song came from the 1979 Golden Avatara released album by Lakshmi Shankar, “Lakshmi Shankar Sings Devotional Songs.” It was rendered in Raga Darbari Kanhada in Bhajani Tala.


UPDATED: July 17, 2016