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Song Name: Mirar Prabhu Eso Giridhari Syamol Sundara Syam

Official Name: None

Author: Mira Bai

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




mirār prabhu, eso giridhāri
śyāmol, sundara śyām.

hṛdoy jamunā, dhukula cāpiyā
prema bohiche ujān
śyāmol, sundara śyām

mana kadambe, phutiāche phūl
prema tarańge, legeche dhūl
eso eso hari, bajiye bańsorī
śrī rādhikār mana prāṇ
śyāmol, sundara śyām

tomār lāgiyā, charinu ghor
āpono jone, korinu por

jei bhāve kādāle, braja gopinī re
sei bhāve kādāle, prema sańginī re
abhāginī mirār, minoti rākho
bhulo bhulo abhimān
śyāmol, sundara śyām



(Refrain): The beautiful Syama is the Lord of Mirabai. Please come to me, Giridhari!


1) My heart, which is like the Jamuna River is restricted by its two banks, is now overflowing with divine love for You.


2) The kadamba tree of my mind is blooming with flowers that sway to and fro on the waves of divine love. O Hari, please come and play Your flute. You are the life and soul of Sri Radhika.


3) Mirabai says, For Your sake, O Syama, I gave up my home, and I have also given up my own family. In the same way that the gopis of Vraja cried out of separation from You, I also cry as Your loving devotee. Please keep this prayer of Your most unfortunate Mira at Your lotus feet and disregard my false pride.



This was originally a Braja Bhasa bhajan which was translated in Bengali by Bangladeshi Vaisnavas.


This song is found in Track 5 of Divya Lila / The Way of Love. It was rendered in Raga Bhupali in Kaherva Tala.


CREDITS: Thank you to Vaiyasaki prabhu for the lyrics to this song.


UPDATED: July 4, 2009